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Youngsters learn to drive with virtual reality headset

Young people at the young offenders institution in Wingene (West Flanders) are now able to take driving lessons at the centre itself thanks to virtual reality.

The Centre De Zande in Wingene wants to make full use of virtual reality to prepare youngsters for their return to society at large.

Last week Benjamin Dalle (Christian democrat), the Flemish youth and media minister, visited the Wingene centre to see how the new initiative works.

The youngsters, who had tried out the headset, were enthusiastic: “It’s definitely helping me to make progress.  It keeps us occupied too and that’s just as well.  If you just sit here doing nothing and you make the switch to the wider world, then you are easily overwhelmed”.

The young offenders institution also has high hopes of using virtual reality to help youngsters learn a profession.  The centre provides a home for 35 youngsters, aged 14 and over, who committed or are suspected of committing a crime.

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