Burglary at Brussels Beer Spa

Barely a month after it opened the Brussels beer spa Bath & Barley has been the target of a break in.  The beer spa gives enthusiasts the opportunity to bathe in beer, a unique experience.

Louis Raes is one of the owners of the establishment located in the Schildknaapstraat at the heart of the City of Brussels: “Our only assumption is that the thieves couldn’t wait to lay their hands on our exceptional collection of soap.”

The break-in happened last Wednesday night.  Burglars forced open the door, but when one of the young burglars gained access to the property, he saw the CCTV camera and immediately donned his face covering.  Fortunately, the burglars didn’t get away with much booty.

“We work without cash” explains Louis. “As a consequence there wasn’t much to lay your hands on.  They stole a phone, but did cause a lot of damage to the front door.  Apart from that, there wasn’t much damage.”

Brussels police are tracking down the burglars.

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