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Frenchman Fournel wins Queen Elisabeth Competition ahead of Russia's Redkin

France’s Jonathan Fournel has won this year’s edition of the Queen Elisabeth Competition for Piano. Fournel, who performed on the last evening of the final, also receives the spectators’ prize.

The Frenchman was applauded as a great soloist, who with poetry and emotion, was very successful in playing together with an orchestra.

Russia’s Sergei Redkin was second, Japan’s Keigo Mukawa and Tomoki Sakata third and fourth.  Two further Russians, Vitaly Starikov and Dmitry Sin completed the top six.

In the final Fournel played Brahms’s second concerto for piano.  It’s the first time a laureate wins with this piece. Fournel is 27, studied piano at Saarbrucken (Germany) and Paris.  He has been working at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel since 2016.

The pianist says he mainly wants his music to tell stories and when he plays he sees all kinds of figures in his imagination.

The competition has been rolled over from last year due to the pandemic.  56 pianists were admitted to the competition.  Ony twelve semi-finalists and six finalists were selected.  The first prize is worth 25,000 euros. 

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