Little bang at La Boum 3; 1,500 at health care demo

Nine demos were staged in Brussels on Saturday including three that had not been authorised.  People eager to party at a music festival saw their hopes of flouting corona restrictions dashed at the Ter Kameren Wood when the music installations at La Boum 3 were immediately impounded.

Around 1,500 people including health care workers and their supporters (picture top) took part in an authorised demo in the vicinity of Brussels Central Station on Saturday.

Scores of protesters also gathered at the Belarusian embassy in Elsene (Brussels) to protest in favour of Roman Protasevich, the opposition Belarusian journalist, who was detained after his flight was diverted to Minsk by the Belarusian authorities.

Other authorised demos were staged in support of the Uighurs in China, the Kurds, peace in the Middle East and human rights in Turkey.

The unauthorised third edition of the La Boum festival in the Ter Kameren Wood didn’t really go with a bang.  On two earlier occasions there had been violent clashes between partygoers and the police, but when the organisers wanted to start playing music around 4PM their music installations were seized.

The European Demonstration for Freedom & Democracy, an unauthorised international protest against corona restrictions, attracted far fewer than the 40,000 demonstrators that the organisers had hoped for.  A thousand people, mainly Germans and Dutch, had gathered at the start of the demo around 3PM.  The demonstrators made for central Brussels, but were prevented from reaching their goal by mounted police.  The atmosphere turned nasty but there was no real confrontation.

Supporters of the heavily armed rogue soldier Jürgen Conings, who is the subject of a manhunt, had announced they too would be protesting in the Ter Kameren Wood.  It was the third protest of the day that was unauthorised.

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