Electric scooter bursts into flames while its owner is in the shower

Smoke bellowed from the balcony of a flat in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Joost-ten-Node on Sunday evening after the battery of an electric scooter that was being recharged burst into flames. The scooter was being recharged inside that flat, but its owner was able to put it out onto to the balcony to prevent the fire from engulfing his home. 

The man was taking a shower at his flat on the Liedekerkestraat when the battery of his electric scooter exploded and burst into flames. Only quick-thinking action on his part prevented what could have been a serious incident both for himself and the other residents of his building. He threw damp cloths over the battery and put the scooter onto his balcony thus preventing the fire from spreading.

However, the man did suffer slight smoke inhalation during the incident. Fire-fighters attended the scene, and the battery of the scooter was extinguished. The Brussels Fire Service Spokesman Walter Derieuw told VRT News that “Thanks to the resident’s presence and his swift action a much worse incident was averted”.  

Safety tips for charging electric scooter batteries

Mr Derieuw also gave several tips on how to safely recharge the battery of an electric scooter at home.  

"Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, only use the original charger that was supplied with the scooter and only buy accessories produced by a manufacturer that is known to you. Allow time for the battery to cool off after intensive or long use of the scooter. Always put the battery near to a smoke detector, in a fire-safe area away from combustible materials. Don’t put the battery in direct sunlight or on a radiator, but on a dry surface where the temperature is constant. Keep your eye on the battery while it is being recharged and unplug the charger as soon as the battery is fully charged”, Mr Derieuw said.  

The Fire Service spokesman added that it is not advisable to recharge the battery of an electric scooter inside a house or flat at night while you are asleep. The battery should always be checked for damage if you have been involved in an accident or have fallen off your scooter. 

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