Woman killed on suburban Brussels street

The Brussels Judicial Authorities have confirmed that a woman found dead on a suburban street in the municipality of Evere was killed by an assialent. The woman was killed while she was out walking with her baby at around 7:30pm on Sunday. The woman’s baby was not physically harmed in the attack that took place on the Frans Guillaumelaan. 

Initially it had been rumoured on social media that the baby had been taken by the woman’s killer. However, a police spokesperson formally denies this. They told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that “The baby is fine and well”.

Detectives are currently trying to trace the killer. The Brussels Judicial Authorities are remaining tight-lipped about the investigation for the time being. An Examining Magistrate has been appointed to the case.

News of the killing broke after local residents had alerted the Francophone commercial broadcaster RTL (whose studios are close by) that there was a lot of police in the area. It was also reported that a police helicopter was deployed.


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