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School trips with overnight stays back on the curriculum from today

For the first time since October of last year schools will be allowed to take their pupils on trips that involve overnight stays. Traditionally many Flemish schools organise nature or sea class trips for their pupils that last several days. The idea is to allow pupils to learn about and to respect nature. However, since the start of the second lockdown in October of last year all trips that would have involved pupils staying away overnight have been banned. 

This was also the case regarding day trips, although these restrictions were relaxed earlier this year. Although pupils will now be allowed to go on trips involving overnight stays some restriction will be in force during their stay at the seaside or in the countryside. 

While they will be allowed to play mask-free while outside providing social distancing is maintained, they will have to wear masks while indoors and eat at sleep in the company of other members of their group bubble.


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