“Cheap corona test for holidaymakers, who weren’t offered the jabs”

Belgian health minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish socialist) has spoken of the prospect of reducing the cost of the corona test for people who wish to travel, but haven’t yet been offered the two shots of the vaccine.  Belgium’s consultative committee that has the final say on corona measures meets on Friday and will look at travel and the European Covid certificate.

The certificate will facilitate travel and be available to people who are vaccinated – the EU will probably decide you need to be fully vaccinated – or who have tested negative or possess antibodies due to a recent illness.

Countries will decide for themselves which condition they will set on holidaymakers and other travellers entering heir territory.  Mr Vandenbroucke believes Belgium too should require people to be fully vaccinated.

However, there is a problem for people from Belgium travelling abroad as not everybody will be fully vaccinated before the summer holidays.  Mr Vandenbroucke suggests that people who wish to travel abroad and have not yet been fully vaccinated should be able to get a PCR test at a reduced price.  The test usually costs 48 euros or more.  The price could be cut for people who have not yet been offered all the shots of the vaccine to say 4 euros, but that will be a decision for the full government.

Mr Vandenbroucke doesn’t think people who refused the vaccine should enjoy the reduced rate: “If we want to get shot of all this misery, then as many people as possible need to be two-dosed. We need to dispatch a clear signal.”

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