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“Watch the Euros is fours”

Belgian mayors have received a circular from the interior ministry setting out the conditions for watching the Euros on a big screen.  Relaxations mean people will be able to enjoy the footie with friends on a big screen, but certain conditions will apply.

The Euros start Friday week and the following Saturday Belgium will be in action against Russia. This match and many others will attract great interest.

Mayors have been urged to organise big screen events outdoors if humanly possible.  They are advised to operate a reservation system to avoid gatherings of large crowds where physical distancing is a problem.

Screenings should be cordoned off to avoid more people than permitted joining the event. Screens on squares and terraces should not be visible from outside the event area, again to avoid crowds gathering. 

Outdoors 400 people can attend screenings.  Indoor screenings are limited to 200 participants. 

If beverages are available people have to sit in groups of fours. If no hospitality is on offer people may attend the event standing in fours.  Physical distancing of 1.5m is required between groups that do not have to physically distance among themselves.

Checks need to be carried out at the entrance to ensure, among other things, that no dangerous objects are brought into the event.

Pieter Verhoeven of Nomad Events that organises fan events says it won’t be easy to keep people in their place. “If you saw the celebrations in Bruges when Club became champions, then you realise it won’t be easy.”

Bruges for one isn’t allowing big screens for the Euros.  Mayor De Fauw says the rules are too complex and it will be impossible to organise events perfectly.

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