Jasper Jacobs

Pfizer gets green light for expansion in Puurs

The European Medicines Agency EMA has OKed expansion of corona vaccine production at Pfizer’s Flemish plant in Puurs (Antwerp Province).  The EMA says the expansion will have an ‘immediate and considerable impact’ on vaccine supplies to EU states.

EMA explains that information provided by the company shows that it will consistently be able to produce vaccines to a high standard.  As a result it is giving Pfizer/BioNTech permission to increase the volume of production in Puurs.

Pfizer says the EMA’s decision will support its efforts to supply over 2.5 billion doses this year and possibly even more next year.

Pfizer employs 3,300 employees in Puurs.  200 workers were hired so far this year.  A further 100 are being recruited.

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