Sabine Joosten

Academia urges great caution until everybody is two-dosed

The rectors of all Flemish universities, the CEOs of university hospitals and deans of medicine faculties have all signed an open letter urging Belgium’s authorities not to rush ahead with relaxations.  Belgium’s consultative committee that has the final say in corona matters meets on Friday.

The signatories say that recent mathematical models predict a surge in new cases at the end of June if contacts like in September last year are allowed.  The increase in travel over the summer also heightens the risk of the reintroduction of the virus in Belgium.

The letter speaks of unexpected dangers possibly lurking behind the next bend.  There is the deterioration of the situation in the UK and new variants like the Delta or Indian variant that is gaining ground in Belgium.  “It’s expected this variant will become dominant.  All these elements set danger signals flashing” the signatories write.

“As long as the vast majority of the population isn’t two-dosed treat relaxations in the most restrictive way possible.  The results of the vaccination programme are clearly visible but we can only be totally reassured two weeks after the second jab.”

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