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Brooklyn goes up in flames

The headquarters of clothes’ chain Brooklyn in Harelbeke (West Flanders) have been completely gutted by fire.  The blaze destroyed the entire summer collection in storage, but Brooklyn stores are staying open.

The fire in Stasegem (Harelbeke) broke out around 9:30PM on Wednesday evening. Flames took hold of the roof of the building where the chain keeps its stores in no time.  A plume of thick black smoke could be seen for miles around.

Fire-fighters struggled to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading to a joinery. The fire service declared its highest emergency freeing up all its assets to fight the blaze.  Road works in the street hampered access.  The building was completely destroyed but adjoining premises were saved.

Ubbe Descamps is Brooklyn’s owner: “My wife and I were in a meeting when we were inundated with calls from parents and children.  We live opposite the premises and our kids panicked.  The summer collection and sales items that still needed to be delivered to the stores were destroyed.  Stores can stay open as the administration is backed up elsewhere”.

Mr Descamps hopes to establish new storage facilities at a different location ASAP in order to return to full capacity.

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