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Silent vigil for teen rape victim, who committed suicide

A silent vigil has been staged for the 14-year-old, who ended her own life after allegedly being gang raped by five boys and men.  PM Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) attended the ceremony in Ghent on Wednesday.

It was Jamila Channouf, who organised the vigil: “I want to open up the debate about rape and for victims to be heard.”

Jamila is keen to trash the taboo that surrounds sexual exploitation. 

“Since I announced the vigil mothers, fathers and victims of sexual exploitation have come forward with their story. Perpetrators need to be more severely punished.  The government needs to show that behaviour like that won’t be tolerated.”

Jamila has no plans to tell her own 14-year-old daughter to be more careful.  “As women and girls we should not allow our liberty to be reduced. I heard my sons had also spoken about this at school.  That’s just as well.  Boys too must be confronted with this issue.”

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