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Two free corona tests for not fully vaccinated holidaymakers

Belgian corona test centres are worried they won’t be able to meet demand from holidaymakers.  People holidaying abroad, who are not yet fully vaccinated, will probably require a PCR test before they can travel. Meanwhile the PM has promised two free PCR tests for holidaymakers who didn't yet receive the invite for their second jab.

If everybody has to get an appointment just before their trip test centres say they won’t be able to meet demand.  The centres explain they don’t have the staff and means to expand test capacity to meet a surge in holidaymakers.

Meanwhile, PM Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) has announced that everybody who hasn’t been invited to a vaccination appointment or hasn't been fully vaccinated will be able to enjoy two free PCR tests. The PM was speaking ahead of Friday’s consultative committee that will be dominated by the issue of foreign travel.  Mr De Croo noted that a lot remains unclear and that the ball is in the court of host countries.  They will decide what conditions holidaymakers have to meet: being fully vaccinated, having one jab or being able to produce a corona test.

Mr De Croo believes most countries will require either full vaccination or a recent PCR test.  Holidaymakers, who only got one jab will require a PCR test too.  Tests can be expensive costing over 40 euros.  For many young people this is an unexpected extra cost to their holiday.


Anybody returning from areas labelled amber of green by the Belgian authorities won’t be required to quarantine or take attest on their return.





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