A balmy Friday with storms and heavy rain forecast for the evening

The taste of summer that we have been enjoying over the past few days will end abruptly on Friday evening with storms and heavy rain forecast from Friday evening. The Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) has issued a Code Orange weather warning for storms that will come into force from Friday afternoon. 

Code Orange means that heavy rain is expected to fall at numerous locations in a short space of time. The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere says that the situation could be “potentially dangerous” and “a lots of slow-moving storms are on the way”.

Code Orange signifies a widespread possibility of heavy storms with issues (flooding, lightning strikes...) at various locations. Heavy rain, hail and/or gusts of high winds could cause damage to buildings and flooding. Uprooted trees and lightning strikes could result. People are advised to take care and only to travel if absolutely necessary.

Friday morning and the first part of Friday afternoon see a continuation of the fine and warm weather that we have been enjoying during the rest of the week. However, in western areas and in the Ardennes, there is some cloud, bringing with it the possibility of scattered showers. Later today a front bringing with it heavy storms will sweep across the country from the west.

During Friday evening and Friday night there will be storms with thunder, lightning, heavy rain and high winds at times. During the night there could be mist or fog. Temperatures will fall to 13°C on the High Fens and 17°C in the Kempen area in the north of Antwerp and Limburg Provinces.  

Saturday will be cooler than today with temperatures reaching 15°C in coastal areas and 20°C in the Kempen area. The day will start off with showers and the possibility of a localised stormed. Sunday will be mostly dry and bright in western and central areas with scattered showers in the east. Temperatures will reach 15°C in the Ardennes, 17°C at the coast and 21°C in central areas. 

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