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Large-scale search operation in another attempt to find fugitive soldier

The army, the police and the Civil Protection Agency are  once again involved in a large-scale search operation in Limburg Province in an effort to try and find the fugitive soldier Jürgen Conings. Jürgen Conings went missing almost three weeks ago. Prior to his disappearance he took a large quantity of arms (some of which have since been recovered) from the armoury of the Leopoldsburg Barracks in Limburg Province. 

Jürgen Conings appears on a list of people that pose a possible threat to national security due to radicalisation. In his case the radicalisation is with far-right ideology. Around a dozen people whose names feature in a farewell note written by the fugitive soldier are currently being given (extra) protection. In the case of the virologist Marc Van Ranst this extends to he and his family being forced to stay at a safe house.

Once again the search for Jürgen Conings centres around the Hoge Kempen National Park. Our Justice Editor Caroline Van den Berghe says that she has received information that this is linked to the reports of gunshots that were heard there at the start of the search for the fugitive soldier more than two weeks ago.

Friday’s search got under way at around 9am. An area of waste ground on an industrial estate , near to the National Park was searched. Attention then switched to the Terhills nature and recreation area in Maasmechelen (Limburg Province). Around 14 tracker and body detection dogs are assisting in the search. 

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