Professor Van Gucht says the downward trend in the coronavirus figures will continue

At Friday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference, the virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht was once again upbeat about the evolution of the figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. Professor Van Gucht believes that we will soon be below the symbolic figures of 300 COVID-19 patients on Belgian ICUs and that fewer than 75 patients with COVID-19 will be being admitted to our country’s hospitals each day. 

“Soon we are likely to fall below the symbolic threshold of 75 hospital admissions per day. 75 was the original level set for the relaxation of restrictions in November 2020. Unfortunately, it proved extremely difficult to get under this level during the winter. Initially we were in a prolonged plateau phase from December to February followed by a third wave from March to May”, Professor Van Gucht said.

Meanwhile, the number of patients being cared for on the country’s ICUs continues to fall. “We expect that on 9 June we should be at around 300 ICU beds occupied. This is well below the threshold of 500 beds that was set by the Consultative Committee”. 

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