Flemish PM gets his first coronavirus vaccine jab

The Flemish Prime Jan Jambon (nationalist) was among the thousands of people that received a coronavirus jab at their local vaccination centre. Mr Jambon received his first vaccine dose at the vaccination centre in his home municipality of Brasschaat, north of Antwerp.

Speaking after he had been vaccinated, Mr Jambon told VRT News that "I am really happy. It is fantastic how smoothly everything runs here”. The Flemish PM added that our region will reach another milestone in the vaccination campaign this weekend. 

“90% of people with underlying medical conditions will have received their first dose. This is the most vulnerable group, and they will have been fully immunised before the start of the summer holidays”. 

On Friday the Consultative Committee that is made up of representatives of Belgium’s federal, regional and language community government announced relaxations of some of the coronavirus restrictions. The Consultative Committee will meet again next Friday. Mr Jambon explained that then the focus will be on measures in July and August and “Nothing else will change during June”. 

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