Flemish PM says that coronavirus restrictions might be scrapped completely in September

Speaking on VRT News’ Sunday morning topical discussion programme ‘De zevende dag’, the Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon said that one of the most important topics up for discussion at next Friday’s meeting of the Consultative Committee will be the number of physical social contacts we will be permitted to have during the summer months. The Consultative Committee is made up of representatives of Belgium’s federal, regional and language community governments it decides what measures and restrictions are necessary and appropriate to help curb the spread of coronavirus. 

The meeting that is due to be held on Friday 11 June will look at the measures that will be in force during the summer months. As thing stand, we allowed to welcome four people into our homes at the same time and the number of people that can sit at a table in a bar or restaurant is also limited to four. 

Mr Jambon told ‘De zevende dag’ that “I think that this can be relaxed in July, that even more will be allowed in August and that the restrictions could be scrapped completely in September. Of course, this all depends on no new variants popping up and the figures remaining good”. Mr Jambon went onto say that there will be clarity “as quickly as possible” with regard to events that are planned for September. 

"We are not in favour of setting a maximum for the number of spectators, but rather for us to look at the infrastructure available in the venue where the event is to take place”. 

The Flemish Prime Minister went on to say that the measures that will be applied to music festivals, vaccination, or a negative PCR test, will also be applied at large venues such as Vorst Nationaal and the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. "By then a lot of people will already be fully immunised. We are gradually heading towards a resumption of normal life”.

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