Man sustains first degree burns after the battery of his electric scooter explodes

In the latest of a series of incidents involving electric scooters, a scooter-owner in the Brussels municipality of Evere has suffered first degree burns. The man was burned as he was extinguishing a fire that broke out when the battery of his electric scooter exploded while it was being charged inside his flat on the Leuvensesteenweg. 

The Brussels Fire Service say that this is the fourth incident involving electric scooters that they have been called out to in just 8 days.  The incident happened at around 5am on Sunday morning. The man was at home at the time and was able to take the blazing scooter into the garden of his flat where it was thoroughly extinguished. In order to prevent the fire from flaring up again the scooter’s battery was placed inside a metal bin filled will water. The man suffered 1st degree burns and was given medical treatment at the scene.

Walter Derieuw of the Brussels Fire Service told journalists that this is not the first incident of this nature that fire-fighters have been called out to deal with recently.

"This is the 4th incident in 8 days. Last Sunday there was a similar incident in the Liederkerkestraat in Sint-Joost-ten-Node and on Wednesday there were two call-outs to the same address, a warehouse used by a company that hires out electric bikes and scooters”.

The Fire Service calls on people that own electric scooters to exercise the relevant caution when they are recharging them.

"Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Only use the charger that was supplied with the appliance or only purchase accessories made by an approved supplier. Give appliances time to cool off after prolonged or intensive use. Always put the battery near to a smoke detector and in a fire-safe area away from flammable materials. Don’t put the battery in direct sunlight on top of a heater, but in a dry area where the temperature is constant. Don’t leave your electric bike (or scooter) for long periods in the baking sun”, Mr Derieuw said.

The Fire Service spokesman added that the charger should always be unplugged once the battery has been fully charged. Furthermore, the battery should always be checked out by an expert if you have been involved in a collision with or fallen from your electric scooter or bike.  

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