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Two cyclists die in a road accident in East Flanders

Two cyclists have died after they were hit by a car at a crossroads in the East Flemish village of Eke. A third cyclist was able to get out of the path of the car just in time. The accident happened at around 9am on Sunday at the junction of the Grenadierslaan with the Sluis. The Grenadierslaan forms part of the N452 a route popular with cyclist on their way from Ghent to Oudenaarde and the hills of the Flemish Ardennes.



A woman was driving her car along the N452 and turned off the road onto the Sluis. However, she failed to spot the cyclists in time and two of them were hit by the car. A third cyclist was able to swerve out of the car’s path in time and escaped death or serious injury.

The East Flemish Judicial Authorities have appointed an accident investigation expert to examine to exact circumstances surrounding the accident. The road was closed to traffic on Sunday morning.


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