Ballooning has never been so popular

Operators of hot air balloon trips are doing brisk business.  The sector reopened on 8 May following the lockdown and is booming.

Kris Houtmeyers has been running ‘Step in Balloons’, a company that has been operating hot air balloon flights in Flemish Brabant, the Hageland District, the Kempen District and Limburg Province for twenty-one years:

“Every single day all our balloons are fully booked.  We were able to take to the skies yesterday evening too.  The weather forecast should allow us to go up every evening this week.  Morning flights are possible too, but many people are at work then.  We have been able to fly for a number of weeks, but the weather was poor.  The sunshine should provide perfect conditions this week.”

“We operate six balloons providing capacity for 90 passengers.  We fly at daybreak and sunset when there is least wind.  It also gives you the best view of the Hageland.  There are fields of grain, maize and corn, orchards as well as idyllic churches and castles.”

“You always have to hope people will let you land.  We were allowed to land in a farmer’s field yesterday.  The farmer helped us a lot and shared a glass of cava with us.  That’s the way we do it!”

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