Holiday plans: how to prove your vaccination status

The European corona certificate that shows you are two-dosed and vaccinated against coronavirus only becomes operational on 1 July, but what do you do till then if you have holiday plans?

Spain requires you prove you are fully vaccinated, the result of a rapid test or a recent bout of coronavirus.  Morocco too is opening up for people from Belgium, who are fully vaccinated or can produce the result of a recent PCR test, while France is letting in holidaymakers from Belgium two weeks after they are fully vaccinated (two-doses) or a month, if you had the Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.

Holidaymakers can prove their status using their vaccination book or card or show their status via the government vaccination website.  This information is available via and, but despite the name information is usually not available in other languages.  Brussels offers vaccination status information in English via

Even with the introduction of the European corona certificate member states will retain their own rules on which holidaymakers they are letting in. 

Belgium should have a digital version of the corona certificate available via by 16 June, but that doesn’t mean other countries are obliged to award the rights that a due starting 1 July.

Starting 1 July fully vaccinated residents returning to Belgium from countries designated as red will no longer have to quarantine, but until then testing and quarantine remain obligatory even if you are two-dosed.

Given the uncertainty surrounding whether or not countries will accept your vaccination status to let you in before 1 July the Association of Flemish Travel Agents recommends a recent PCR test.  With a negative result that should definitely give you access! Demand for tests is expected to be high, so make sure you book your test on time.

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