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World War I munitions seized at West Flemish house

The bomb disposal service DOVO and detectives from the Polder Local Police Service spent much of Monday removing munitions from the Great War from the home of a collector in the village of Vladslo, near Diksmuide in West Flanders. 

Police had received a tip off from the man’s neighbours. It was not the first time the authorities had been called to remove potentially dangerous war trophies from the man’s home. 

Large quantities of Great War munitions were discovered at the house 14 years ago in 2007. The man’s neighbours had seen that his house was full of munitions and decided to contact the police. An Examining Magistrate in Veurne issued a search warrant and acting on this the house was searched, and the munitions removed.  

Detectives from the Polder Local Police Service received assistance from the bomb disposal service DOVO. DOVO dispatch two lorries to take the explosives away. A total of 7 containers were filled. The man is now under investigation for the possession of illegal weapons. He claims that most of the munitions at his house had been defused. However, the bomb disposal team that went to the house isn’t convinced and all the munitions were taken away for examination. Any munitions that have not been defused will be destroyed.

The Judicial Authorities are awaiting the results of DOVO’s investigation before decided whether or not to charge the man. In addition to munitions, it is also reported that heavy weapons were found at the collector’s home. The man should have registered his collection and had it checked to make sure that it is safe. However, he failed to do so. 

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