A lecture under Covid restrictions

“Higher education to start under Code Green conditions in September”

If corona indicators continue to evolve favourably next academic year will start under Code Green conditions in September and October.  Flemish education minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) has agreed this goal with representatives of the universities, the schools of advanced education and students.

Under Code Green corona restrictions are no longer required.

The exams that are currently under way and resits in August and September will be organised in accordance with the corona measures introduced for earlier exam periods in June of 2020 and January of this year.

Proclamations, information days and the public defence of doctoral theses can all go ahead on campus this year as long as Covid safe conditions are maintained.

“We want to offer students, who are currently in the exam period and are looking for greater social contacts the prospect of more opportunities” says Minister Weyts.

If the vaccination drive continues to run smoothly virtually all staff and students will be two-dose vaccinated by the start of the new academic year.  Corona restrictions will no longer be needed unless a new evaluation indicates the situation isn’t that rosy.

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