Euro madness: “We can’t help being fans”

Are you ready for the Euros? Freddy Vanderginst and his Thai husband Dan certainly are. They support Belgium and have decorated the front of their home in the Belgian colours.  Their car too has been pimped in order to cheer on the Red Devils, the nickname of the Belgium eleven.

Anybody driving past their home in Melle (East Flanders) can’t fail to be impressed. The couple has done everything to give their home a Devilish look.

It’s was Freddy’s dad, who first instilled pride for the Belgian team in his son.  Twelve years ago Freddy even started pimping his car.

Today, there are banners, flags and scarves all shouting out support for the Red Devils. The couple’s dog Kito will display a tricolour bowtie during marches too.

Freddy and Dan have even gone as far as to decorate their replacement car in Belgian colours after securing permission from the garage.

Freddy and Dan will be following the highs and possible lows of the Red Devils from home in the company of friends.  Neighbours won’t miss a single goal either.  “I get so emotional” says Freddy.  The dog barks and I start to cry just like a baby every time a Red Devil scores. We can’t help being fans.  We’re convinced the Red Devils will bring the trophy back to Belgium”.

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