Cinemas reopen after 7 months

Film fans and cinema owners are thrilled that after seven months they can reopen her movie theatres.

For Jan-Willem Van Eemeren of city movie theatre Cinema Cartoons in Antwerp it’s taking some getting used to.  “It’s a bit like your first day back at school after the summer holidays after seven months of being closed.  We really had to start from scratch.  But it was a great feeling opening the cinema doors and welcoming people.”

“Ticket sales are brisk.  Tonight’s two screenings are both sold out.  We are operating at reduced capacity.  If you want to see a movie it’s best to book in advance”.

Film enthusiast Gislaine too is overjoyed: “I was waiting with bated breath.  When I told a colleague I was heading off to the cinema in his weather she gave me a funny look, but I’m so thrilled to be back.  I’m here for Nomadland.  I want to see it, never mind the weather” she told VRT.

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