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Vaccinations continue till 1AM after too many doses are taken out of the fridge

Flanders’ vaccination drive turned a little chaotic yesterday when at the Spoor Oost vaccination centre in Antwerp 500 doses of the corona vaccine too many were taken out of the fridge.  In record time the centre had to get 500 volunteers to turn out to ensure the perishable vaccines were not wasted.

It was a busy day at Spoor Oost yesterday.  7,200 vaccinations were planned.  Human error meant too many boxes containing the Moderna vaccine were taken out of the fridge and the centre was stuck with an excess of supplies by the evening.  The vaccines could be used till 2AM.

“We didn’t have a minute to waste” says Tom Van de Veken of the vaccination centre. “We invited 300 people via the QVAX reserve list”.

QVAX only works till 10PM.  A further 238 places were filled mainly by people from local fire services.

The unscheduled vaccinations did lead to long queues outside the centre and volunteers had to work till 1AM to ensure the operation ran smoothly.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of supplies of the Moderna vaccine and the accident won’t mean anybody scheduled to be vaccinated will lose out.

Today a 300,000th vaccine dose will be administered at Spoor Oost.

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