Rob Engelaar

Flanders to offer Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson to under 41s

People in Flanders under 41 will be able to opt for the one-dose Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson voluntarily.  Two weeks ago a decision was taken only to administer this jab to over 40s after a woman died following a blood clot associated with her immunisation.

The side effect is rare. Flemish health minister Beke (Christian democrat) says people under 41 can now come forward to receive this one-shot vaccine voluntarily.  The vaccine will be available to under 41s via the QVAX.BE reserve list. According to Beke other Belgian regions are set to join Flanders.  Only Wallonia won’t be offering the vaccine to younger people.

“In Flanders we need all the vaccines we can get.  There is great willingness to be vaccinated.  We must do everything we can to give everybody the chance to be vaccinated” said Beke.

“The risk of becoming infected and being hospitalised is far greater than any risk associated with the vaccination.”

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