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Partial solar eclipse in Belgium around noon

A partial eclipse of the sun will be visible in Belgium between 11:17AM and 1:25PM CEST.  At its height at 12:19PM the eclipse will take a 15% bite out of the sun. 

It’s pretty foggy outside our newsroom at the minute, but Philippe Mollet of Observatory Mira says: “It looks like it will be clear and sunny.  At noon the sun is high in the sky.  Even in the city, between high buildings, you should be able to make a perfect observation.”

A full eclipse will only be visible in Canada, Greenland and Siberia.

Beware! In order to look straight at the sun you need special eclipse glasses or spectacles. “They’ve been selling like hotcakes” says Mollet.

“If you want to look at the sun using a telescope or binoculars you need a special filter that blocks sunlight.  Looking through a telescope using eclipse spectacles isn’t a good idea!”

Don’t think ordinary sunglasses are sufficient either! Don’t look straight at the sun even with sunglasses!

Today is a unique opportunity. Solar eclipses aren’t that rare but are not always visible as many occur at night. 

The last solar eclipse visible in Belgium occurred in March 2015.  84% of the sun was covered but it was pretty cloudy.  The last total eclipse of the sun to be witnessed in Belgium happened in August 1999.  The next interesting eclipse with 90% of the sun disappearing is scheduled for 8PM on 12 August 2026.

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