Delta variant is gaining ground in Belgium

At Friday morning’s public health science institute Sciensano press conference the virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht told journalists that the Delta variant (also known as the Indian variant) of coronavirus is gradually gaining ground here in Belgium. “Last week it accounted for 1.3% of all infections, this is 3.9% this week. It is looking as though it will beat the competition from other variants”.  

Meanwhile, the British coronavirus variant remains the most prevalent in Belgium, accounting for 82% of all coronavirus infections here. The so-called South American variant remains rare with just 1.3% of coronavirus infections being with this strain. 9% of coronavirus infections in Belgium are with the Brazilian variant of the virus.

"Variants come and go. The variant that has a slight edge on other variants due, for example, to it being more infectious or better able to bypass immunity wins. These variants are usually the ones that take up the epidemiological space. How large this space is depends on us through our behaviour. We rather than the variants define the curve”, Professor Van Gucht said.  


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