Air Antwerp calls it a day

The airline Air Antwerp has announced that it has ceased trading. The airline that was set up in 2019 operated commercial flights between Antwerp and London City Airports. Air Antwerp is not the first airline to try (and fail) to operate a profitable passenger services between Antwerp and London. Air Antwerp says that the coronavirus crisis has forced it under. 

The crisis has meant that since last March the airline has operated few if any flights between the city that is the home to Europe’s second biggest port and the city that is home to Europe’s largest financial centre. Only during a short period in the autumn of last year did Air Antwerp offer some services on its Antwerp to London route.

While tourist travel is starting to pick up again is good news for some long-suffering airlines, most of Air Antwerp’s passengers were business travellers and business travel is still pretty much at rock bottom.

"This is why the Board of Directors of Air Antwerp has decided to completely cease the operational activities of the regional airline and to dissolve the company”, the company said in a written statement issued on Friday evening.

The contract of the airlines nine staff, most of whom had been laid off and were on temporary unemployment, will be terminated permanently. Air Antwerp was set up in 2019 by City Jet and KLM. Since then, City Jet had withdrawn from Air Antwerp and KLM was the sole shareholder. 

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