Nicolas Maeterlinck

8-year-old boy dies in fishpond during Belgium’s Euro 2020 match

What should have been a fun evening out ended in tragedy for a family from East Flanders. The family had gone to the Vissershof bar in Erpe-Mere, near Aalst to watch the opening game of Belgium’s Euro 2020 campaign on a big screen. The café is located  next to a large pond used by anglers. It was there that an 8-year-old boy met his death. 

The boy had been playing outside with his sister and some other children. The boy’s sister noticed that her brother was missing and alerted her parents. 

The Mayor of Erpe-Mere Hugo De Waele (Christian democrat) told VRT News that the boy’s shoes and a ball were found near to the banks of the fishpond. The police, the fire service and paramedics were called to the scene. "We feared the worst. Sadly, the Fire Service divers finally found the boy’s body in the middle of the pond. The doctor tried to revive him, but his attempts were unsuccessful”, Mr De Waele added.

The Judicial Authorities say that the boy’s death was a tragic accident. The East Flemish Judicial Authorities’ spokeswoman Annelies Verstraete told VRT News that “There is no indication of foul play or involvement of a third party in the boy’s death”.



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