Industrial fire at the Port of Ghent

Fire raged at commercial premises at the Port of Ghent on Sunday morning. Although fire-fighters had succeeded in bringing the fire under control by around 7am many people in a wide area near to the fire awoke to smoke and an unpleasant smell on Sunday morning. 

The fire started on Saturday night at commercial premises on Skaldenstraat. Alisa Coessens of the Ghent Fire Service told VRT News “During the course of the night we received several reports about odour nuisance”.

It transpired that the smell came from a fire that had broken out at a meat processing factory. 

"The company premises were completely gutted, and the penetrating odour spread to surrounding municipalities such as Oostakker and Destelbergen. This is why we are asking people to keep their windows closed in the Ghent, Destelbergen, Desteldonk, Lochristi and Oostakker areas”.  

The fire is now under control, but it will take a few more hours before it is fully extinguished. The Fire Service seeks to reassure locals that the particles of burned material that they may have found in their gardens of on their window ledges are burned plastic and polystyrene and not asbestos. 

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