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The Red Cross needs you to give blood

The Flemish Red Cross has launched a campaign to persuade more of us to give blood and plasma. 50,000 new blood donors are required this year and so far, only around 17,500 new blood donors have been found. Monday 14 June is World Blood Donor Day and to mark this the Red Cross has issued an appeal to recruit more blood donors.

The Flemish Red Cross’ Jan Poté told VRT News that “We are now almost halfway through the year and we have 17,500 new donors. This is around one third of what we need, so I hope that a lot more people will join us. We believe that this is still achievable”.

Mr Poté added that by giving blood you are “Giving something for someone else, someone that might be from somewhere close to you and might need blood after an accident, during an operation, while giving birth…it’s something that anyone could need”.

Due to the measures designed to curb the spread of coronavirus the Red Cross has been having difficulties recruiting new donors in recent months. "We often did this during large events, but there haven’t been any of these recently”.

"There is currently a shortage of blood. We believe that this is due to the relaxation of the corona measures. People are going out, going to pavement terraces, there is Euro 2020, in short people aren’t currently thinking about giving blood. So, we are calling on people to come to us and give blood”, Mr Poté added.  

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