Coronavirus testing centres increase capacity to screen holidaymakers

With the summer vaccination period just a couple of weeks away several coronavirus testing centres are planning to scale up their operations in order to cope with increased demand for tests. Among the centres that are increasing their capacity are the testing centres at Hasselt and Genk in Limburg Province.  

From the start of the summer vacation period on 1 July the testing centre in Hasselt will be able to carry out between 300 and 400 extra tests per day. Meanwhile, the centre in Genk will increase its capacity by 650 tests per day from 1 July. The hospital in Genk where the testing centre is located will be collaborating with a private laboratory in order to increase its testing capacity.   

In Hasselt holidaymakers will be able to get a coronavirus test at the testing centre next to the Jessa Hospital.  The hospital’s Dr Pieter-Jan Vanlandegem told VRT News that separate appointment slots will be provided for those that require a coronavirus test in order for them to be able to go on holiday. "We don’t want to mix them with people that are being tested because they have symptoms or because they have had a high-risk contact”.

In Hasselt between 300 and 400 tests per day will be carried out from 1 July. In Genk this will be 650. The Mayor of Genk Wim Dries (Flemish Christian democrat) told VRT News that "We expect that there will be greater demand from 1 July. This is why we have arranged for the Southeast Limburg Hospital and the Rigo Lab to carry out more tests. We believe that by doing this we will be able to offer sufficient capacity”.

Those wishing to book a coronavirus test in order to be able to go abroad on holiday are encouraged to do so online. An online reservation system will be available from 1 July.


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