WhatsApp fraudsters con Limburg man out of 8,000 euro

A man from Bilzen in Limburg Province has fallen victim to fraudsters operating on the communications app WhatsApp. The fraudsters claim to be a person that is known to their victim and say that they have lost or have damaged their mobile phone. They then proceed to ask their victim for money.    

In the case of the man from Bilzen, he was sent WhatsApp messages from someone claiming to be his daughter. The person said that their mobile phone had been damaged after they had taken a shower which was why they now had a different telephone number. They also asked their victim to make a number of urgent payments. 

The man believed that the messages were really from his daughter and made 11 payments amounting to a total of 8,000 euro. The police and the Judicial Authorities have been imformed. However, it is not certain whether the man will get his money back.

The police advise anyone that receives messages of this nature to always first call the original mobile number of the person that the sender of the message claims to be.

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