Extra jobs in justice department to have an impact on speeding motorists in Brussels, among others

Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne has announced hundreds of upcoming vacancies in an attempt to step up the fight against impunity. You will have more chance of actually getting a traffic fine in Brussels (and other places) if you are speeding. 

The justice department has announced major investments to attract extra staff. There are some 1,400 new jobs involved in total, for the Belgian prisons, intelligence services and the judicial system. The aim of the latter is to reduce the enormous backlog and to get rid of the impunity. 

By 2024, the justice department will get half a billion extra in cash. "After decades of cuts, we will do historic investments", Van Quickenborne told a press conference. 

In Brussels, it can now take up to 9 years until your case can be treated. This time span has to become shorter, Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne underlines. For this reason, over 800 vacancies will apply to the judicial system (judges, magistrates, administrative staff...) 

More traffic fines will be collected

Extra people will be hired in the department treating traffic fines. The 'tolerance margin' for those speeding will be dropped, but this means extra fines and more work. "In Brussels, you can only get caught speeding in a zone 30 if you drive more than 47 kilometres per hour", Van Quickenborne says. "This is no longer meeting modern standards. We will invest in extra technology and extra staff."

Magistrates say the extra cash for the Belgian judiciary is very welcome, but underline that it will not be enough. 

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