How to get your 'EU Digital Covid Certificate' for travel

Belgian residents can get hold of a so-called EU Digital Covid Certificate as from today, 10 a.m., a measure to make travelling within the EU easier. However, you have to meet certain conditions. Here's what you need to know about the new certificate, which will come into force in the whole of the EU as from 1 July.

Which condition applies?

You can only get a 'green' certificate if one of the following three conditions has been fulfilled: 

  • You have been vaccinated twice (and the last jab was at least several weeks ago, to allow the vaccine to give you the best possible immunisation) 
  • You have had Covid-19 in the past 6 months which allowed you to develop antibodies in a natural way (your positive test should not be older than 180 days)
  • You have undergone a recent corona test (maximum 72 hours ago) and tested negative

If you don't meet the demands, you can still download the document or QR code, but it will not show the green 'go-ahead' yet. A European certificate will allow you to avoid a quarantine or an extra PCR test in your EU country of arrival. It is free of charge. Children under 6 years of age will not need one, though other contries may have different rules for young children or teenagers. Check this via the website of Re-open EU.  

How to get it?

If you meet one of these demands, you can apply for a Covid Certificate as from 10 a.m. You can get hold of a digital certificate or one on paper. The digital version can be downloaded via, where you can download an app to get hold of a QR code. You will have to prove your identity via an ID card or another tool like itsme

Those preferring a paper version can call a telephone number to order one by post (count on a couple of extra days for the delivery). Flemish residents will have to call the number 078/78.78.50. For Brussels, this is 02/214.19.19. Those in Wallonia can call 071/31.34.93. The number should be available 24/7 to apply for the certificate (for other questions, choose office hours).

You can also try the websites or for more information or for downloads. 

When can you use it?

The EU has scheduled the introduction for 1 July, but countries are free to start earlier. Belgium is two weeks early to be able to detect possible teething troubles, and to make sure everyone can get one in time, says Barbara Van Den Haute of Digitaal Vlaanderen. 

Some countries may not accept the certificate yet, as the scheme will only apply as from 1 July. Check about the situation in other countries on the website Re-open EU.

For the moment, it is not entirely clear what happens if you have to rely on the third option of a negative corona test to get the document, and if you travel through several countries. Please check the local rules via the links to other websites in this article. Also note that this certificate is about travel within the EU. For other countries, nothing changes, unless they would willingly accept the EU card. 

More than just travelling?

This Covid travel passport as some call it, will allow you to travel within the European Union without further restrictions. However, it is possible that countries will still apply local measures for events or other things. It is not yet clear whether the certificate can help you to go to a restaurant, a music concert etc. This will depend on the local authorities.

Check the website of the Belgian Foreign Office here to find out about local measures per country. 

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