Rob Engelaar

Number of new Covid infections plummets to go below 800 per day

Corona statistics in Belgium keep improving at a fast rate. The number of daily hospitalisations has further decreased to reach 45, while the number of new cases keeps falling as well to dip below 800 now. The latter is 42 percent down on the week. 

Belgium is expected to get an amber colour instead of red on the European corona map issued by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The map will be updated tomorrow, but all parameters will allow an amber colour. 

The week average of new corona infections has plummeted to reach just 764, a drop of 42 percent on the week. The number of daily hospitalisations has fallen to 45, which is 22 percent down on the week. The total number of corona patients receiving treatment in Belgian hospitals is going down fast as well to reach 651 now (-71). 256 of them are still in intensive care wardens. 

The reproduction figure stands at 0.77, which means the epidemic is shrinking fast. 100 people that have contracted corona, are passing it on to 77 others on average. 

Over 5.7 million people have been vaccinated so far or have received at least one jab, which is just short of 50 percent of the total Belgian population (minors included).   

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