Today is the first tropical day of the season (and there's more to come)

Temperatures will exceed 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) in various parts of the country today. The alert phase for the heat and ozone plan has been activated. 

We will have the first tropical day of the summer season today. Temperatures in the main measuring station in Ukkel should exceed 30 degrees Celsius this afternoon. At the coast, this should be limited to about 25 degrees, but the Kempen area and parts of Limburg may see temperatures of 32 Celsius or more. 

There is only a slight chance of thunderstorms today. This will be different tomorrow, when we will have another day of scorching heat but a big chance of thunderstorms as the atmosphere is getting unstable. 

The alert phase of the heat and ozone plan has been started. Drink enough water, keep an eye on older people or children in particular and avoid physical exercise on the hottest moments of the day - apart from the heat, the air quality is not at its best with rising ozone levels. The air quality will deteriorate further tomorrow. 

The weather will remain hot and unstable over the weekend; a real change with lower temperatures is only expected early next week. 

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