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Anonymous police officer on motorbike writes 222 fines in 7 days

In West Flanders, a police officer is patrolling the streets anonymously on his motorbike to catch motorists flouting traffic rules red-handed. And it is a success; the man wrote over 200 tickets in just a week. 

The police officer operates in the police zone Roeselare, Izegem and Hooglede. The initiative was started a month ago, to step up the fight against impunity in traffic. The man has been on the road for 7 days, but has already issued 222 fines. 

The initiative is perfectly legal, explains local police chief Carl Vyncke. Police can easily identify themselves as members of the police force with their documents. The motorbike also has blue lights and a led board at the back can be activated during an intervention. 

The fines concern different kinds of offences: from using the smartphone while driving and jumping the red light to speeding or failing to use indicators when you have to. The initiative has supporters and opponents who are also active on social media, but the most important thing is that road safety improves, Vyncke underlines.  

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