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"The end of social distancing and face covering rules in Flanders on 1 September"

The Flemish PM Jan Jambon (N-VA) told parliament yesterday that the objective to start a new (normal) era on 1 September in Flanders, remains the target. This "normal" life includes the end of social distancing rules and a mouth mask, the PM added. 

Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) was speaking in the Flemish hemisphere yesterday. He estimates that these major relaxations may even be possible as from August "if certain condition are being fulfilled". Mr Jambon referred to the Covid Safe Ticket or test, ventilation norms and crowd management.

But as from September, there should no longer be any limit on the number of people that can gather together, both indoors and outdoors. This Flemish "plan of freedom" will have to get the green light in the next Consultative Committee tomorrow, but Jambon said he will try his best to make sure the final decisions are close to the aim.  

Meanwhile, the Flemish Education Minister Ben Weyts says that all schools can reopen as normal, providing the corona statistics and the vaccination campaign keep going the right way. All pupils and students would be allowed to return to class, and mouth masks would no longer be necessary. 

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