Baby left behind in Antwerp baby hatch

The Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever (nationalist) has announced on Facebook that a baby has been left behind at the baby hatch that is provided by the not-for-profit group Mothers for Mothers. The baby was left behind a couple of weeks ago. The news was confirmed by Mothers for Mothers when they were contacted by VRT News. In his post on Facebook, Mr De Wever wrote that his children call the baby Finn. 

This is the first time since 2019 that a baby has been left behind at the baby hatch.  Mothers for Mothers baby hatch has existed for more than 20 years. Woman that have just given birth and for what ever reason feel that they are unable to care for their baby can leave it behind there anonymously. They will be safe in the knowledge that their child will be looked after and that it will be found a loving home. A couple of weeks ago a baby boy was left inside the hatch. He became the 19th baby to be left there.

The news that the baby boy had been left at the hatch has only been released now to give the baby’s mother the opportunity to change her mind and contact Mothers for Mothers if she so wished. The not-for-profit groups told VRT News that the decision to release the news that a baby had been left behind at the hatch falls to the baby’s temporary guardian, in this case Mayor De Wever.

"Sadly the mother hasn’t come forward. She remains very welcome to do so. For the time being I am this little miracle’s guardian. My daughters call him Finn. Little Finn won’t want for anything. Welcome new Antwerper and you should not that you have been received in our city with a lot of love”, Mr De Wever wrote. 

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