Consultative Committee announces further relaxations to coronavirus restrictions

The Consultative Committee that is made up of representatives of Belgium’s federal, regional and language community governments has announced further relaxations of the measures that are in force to curb the spread of coronavirus. The easing of the measures will come into force on Sunday 27 June. The decision to further relax the coronavirus restrictions has come about thanks to a significant fall in the number of coronavirus infections and in the number of people with the virus that are requiring hospital treatment and/or dying.  

From 27 June bars and restaurants will be allowed to remain open until 1am. Currently they are obliged to close at 11:30pm. Those going for a drink or a meal will be able to share their table with a maximum of 7 other people (8 people per table). Currently no more than 4 people (not including children under 12) are allowed to sit at a table in a bar or restaurant.

The restrictions on gatherings in public places will also be scrapped from 27 June. Currently, no more than 10 people are allowed to gather together in a public place during the day with gatherings of more than 4 people being banned during the night-time hours.

Tele-working will no longer be mandatory. However, it will remain strongly advised.

From 27 June we will be allowed to go shopping with as many people as we choose.  

Like in bars and restaurants we will be allowed to invite up to 8 people for a meal, a drink or just to watch the football or chill out in our homes.

The measures will also make it possible for more people to attend religious services and ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. More people will also be allowed to attend cultural and sporting events.

There is also good news for children and teenagers as youth camps with overnight stays such as those organised by the Scouts will be able to have more participants.

The Consultative Committee will meet again in four weeks’ time on Friday 11 July. On the table then will be the scrapping or all the remaining restrictions, some of which we have been living with since March 2020.


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