Delta variant continues to gain ground in Belgium

Speaking at Friday morning’s public health science institute Sciensano press briefing, the virologist Steven Van Gucht said that the delta or Indian variant of coronavirus is continuing to gain ground in Belgium. Currently 6.1% of all coronavirus infections in Belgium are with the delta variant, up from 3.9% a week ago. Two weeks ago the delta variant accounted for just 1.3% of all infections here. 

"The relative increase in the presence of this variant is currently our primary cause for concern”.

The delta variant is more infectious that other strains of coronavirus. In time will take over from the British variant as the most prevalent strain in Belgium. This could happen as early as next month. However, Professor Van Gucht says that this isn’t a done deal. “The delta variant could become dominant in the coming weeks. However, the impact could remain limited if the total number of new infections is low and the vaccination rate is high”.

The position of the other virus variants remins relatively stable. The alpha variant (British variant) accounts for around 80% of new infections. The beta variant (South American) accounts for 1.4% and the gamma (Brazilian) variant 9.9% of coronavirus infections in Belgium. 

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