Virologist says that Belgium could be coloured green on the European coronavirus map by the end of June

The virologist Steven Van Gucht has said that by the end of the month Belgium could be coloured in green on the map indicating the level of risk from coronavirus in Europe. Professor Van Gucht was speaking at Friday morning’s public health science institute Sciensano press briefing. 

The virologist told the press briefing that the number of new infections with coronavirus is falling rapidly. During the past week there was an average of 671 new infections per day.

"This seems to show that the rate of decrease is accelerating with a fall of 43% on a week ago. At this rate the number of infections will halve every 9 days”.

"If things continue at this rate we could by the end of June, around 29 June, have reached an incidence rate that is lower than 50 cases per 100,000 population. This would mean that Belgium would then be coloured green on the European coronavirus map”.

Early this week Belgium changed from red to amber on the map for the first time in many months.


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