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Air footage shows the damage in Beauraing: "I have no choice but to move out"

Almost a hundred houses and buildings in Beauraing (Namur province) were seriously damaged last night when heavy thunderstorms swept across the country, bringing strong gusts of wind and causing a "small tornado". Watch footage from the air, and listen to local residents that lost their house. 

"It must have been half past ten in the evening when it started", says Renée. (...) "Inside, everything is ruined. The ceiling has gone. I can't live here, I will have to find a place to rent. I have no other choice," says Pierre.  

Muriel lost her roof: "It's Sunday. If it rains, what can I do? There is nothing left for me. A whole life...."

The fire services will help people to move to a different place and to do the first clean-up. Mayor Marc Lejeune: "I didn't sleep last night. You can hear the constant ringing of my telephone. We visited a lot of people and found some solutions. But this was the last thing we needed after a year of Covid. Life was getting back to normal. It's difficult for the people to live with this. "

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