"Collapse of school building was probably due to a construction error"

The Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever says the main hypothesis of the disaster in his city is a construction defect, though the investigation will have to confirm that. 

The school building, which was under construction, collapsed on Friday afternoon. Five construction workers died: four Portuguese and one Romanian. Eight workers were heavily injured. 

Speaking in the VRT's Sunday morning current affairs TV show "De zevende dag", Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever said "I talked to engineers and they told me that the main hypothesis now is a construction error. The investigation has just been started and will have to confirm this. But this means that the drama could have been a lot bigger. Imagine that the school would have collapsed after it had been finished, when it was packed with school children."

The elementary school 'Zuidzin' in the city's southern district was due to open next September. 

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