Fewer than 500 people in Belgium testing positive for coronavirus each day

The latest figures on the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium that have been released by the public health science institute Sciensano show further significant falls in the number of people testing positive for coronavirus and in the number of patients with COVID-19 that are requiring hospital treatment or dying. 

On Saturday 19 June (the latest date for which figures are available) 6,269,902 people in Belgium had received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. This is 67.9% of all adults and 54.4% of the population as a whole. 3,504,854 of these are fully immunised.

During the week from 14 to 20 June an average of 34 patients with COVID-19 were admitted to hospitals in Belgium each day. This is 32% down on the average for the previous week.

On Sunday 20 June the hospitals reported 28 new admissions. 18 patients were discharged. This leaves 459 patients with COVID-19 in the country’s hospitals. Of these 204 are on ICUs. 120 ICU patients are on ventilators. 

During the week from 11 to 17 June an average of 6 people with COVID-19 died each day. This is 28% down on the previous week. Up until now 25,136 people with COVID-19 have died.

Between 11 and 17 June an average of 499 new infections were registered each day. This is 44% down on the previous week. Since the onset of the pandemic there have been 1,079,415 coronavirus infections registered. Between 11 and 17 June an average of 38,700 tests were carried out each day, a fall of 6% on the previous week. Of those tested 1.7% tested positive for coronavirus.

The basic reproductive rate (R0) in Belgium currently stands at 0.78. 

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